Extra Content

The third episode of Chasing Bailey looks at how teacher leadership multiplies the point and power of teams in schools. Through the episode, four teacher leaders – Kelly Aldridge Boyd , LeKeisha Harding, Whitney Bradley Weathers, and Lindsey Nelson -- describe their experience and outline how they grew into their roles.  Here is that full discussion, lead by our host Dr. Barbara Stengel

In this bonus back-to-school episode of Chasing Bailey, we listen as our commentator, Dr. Barbara Stengel, reads “An experienced educator’s plea: Let teachers teach!”  This is a short essay Barb was asked to write for the Lancaster Newpapers Sunday edition as school was beginning in August. 

This “bonus episode,” is not part of our regular schedule, but a conversation that nonetheless deepens and expands the ideas about education that ground the podcast.  In mid-December, Bloomsbury Press published Responsibility, a book  authored by Dr. Barbara Stengle for their Philosophy of Education in Practice series.  To help launch the book, Barb decided to sit down with 4 colleagues and invite them to make sense of what she has said and done.